Interesting nutrition topic here today

I noticed that Noni juice was not listed either? I think that is also snake oil. Like I said before my mom and I owned a health food store/gourmet food store for upteen years. It’s okay if a certain country wants to market it’s juices as a cool new drink, but not as a cure all. Even Dr.’s can’t say that word. I can’t say this will cure you and I’m a certified nutritional consultant, nationally recognized. Be that as it may, blending in the non mlm juices listed on this site today, with a good diet is fine. Just don’t get ripped off for it. I think once the nation is fully up to speed on the health craze, alot of this snake oil stuff will be sniffed out. It’s already happened with some products to a degree and you all are apart of that:) It’s already starting to happen in the spa industry a little at a time. It is a pain that the government does regulate the massage industry so much so that I have to take 604 hrs to graduate when all you need to learn is one or two massage modalities like swedish or deep tissue and your done. However, the regulating attitude of the massage industry is trickling down into the massage products so I find that rather cool.

When I was hitting the Bz hard I was driving 2000-3000 miles per month

I dont even want to do the math right now. Even though my PV check was over $1000 I never made a profit with all the Tool, function, hand out tools, products I did not need, night owls…the list goes on. After you do your taxes next year lets us know if 58.05 cents a mile help’s you make a profit. BTW a tax return is not profit.

Yeah, Team is no longer affiliated with Quixtar

I thought my sister and b-i-l were FINALLY out, but no, Team has some travel mlm now that they are working in. When I go see them I will find out the details and see how awful this one is…

What I found insane was the email they sent out when they said they were not renewing their IBOship (see belos). Amazing how one day it was the best business opportunity ever and the next day it was running afoul of their “moral and business goals”.

Email sent to their downline:

“As some of you know there have been changes going on with our partner website Quixtar. As of today XXXXX and I have decided to “resign” our IBOship and follow our mentors and leaders in a direction we feel is better for our family and more along the lines of the moral and business goals we wish to achieve. If you have any questions please contact us so we can answer you to the best of our ability. Our choice does not have to be your choice and we hope that none of you feel as if we are abandoning what we have discussed with you in the past. Our beliefs are still the same and we will continue to gain knowledge through our system and work as Team.”

Orin took his whole team over to another multilevel

I think what he meant was the people that were in the bz when it was Quixtar will see the products on the commercials and wonder why the Team told them they were exclusive only to team. I worked with a guy that argued with me that I was not able to get XS because I was not team. BTW I was drinking one that I had ordered while he argued with me? Koolaid must have been good!

I have been using Cutco for over 30 years

My sister bought a set and her son is still using them. Sort of a pass down! Great knives and utensils. They also have a life long guarantee for sharpening.

However, I think there are probably equal ones out there for less money if you look. The key is people buy “in the moment” as an impulse buy. It used to be a direct sell company, not a MLM. It is like any other sales company tho. You have to go out and sell the product almost door to door or person to person, friend to friend. They expect you to work through referrals. Get payday loans online on and + lot of work in my opinion and a one time sell as they last forever. I do not know of anyone who has stayed with the company for a long time. if you are looking at selling for them, I would call the company and ask to speak to a sale rep that has been there for over 5 years. See if there is one. Get their opinion. Patsy

Be sure that you include in your message some questions about it

such as “What is it about the MonaVie juice that justifies the price tag?” or “Why is a juice that is touted so highly by its company’s reps would be available for so much less on eBay?”

Don’t tell. Ask. YOU will never get them out, but you might be able to convince them to get themselves out. Be gentle, and make them think about the conclusions for themselves.

We are survivors of long term indoctrination in an amo

A couple who are close friends of ours who were downline silvers in our amway distributorship at one point have now joined monavie. He knows that I am not interested at all but he seems well convinced of the wonderous properties of the acai berry juice. I have tried to encourage him to have nothing to do with it because of my belief now that all mlm’s are scams designed only to profit a few at the top. I have tried to encourage him to seek alternative suppliers of the product. I can’t find anything in Australia other than an acai berry juice at the health food stores here for about the same price as monavie. Does anyone here know of a similar product at comparable or preferably better pricing?

Even if your reference is in the U.S. I would appreciate it. I could then show him that much cheaper alternatives are available over there and of course it would then follow that the same thing will happen over here. My wife and I care deeply for this couple and I would really like to help him avoid getting deeper into this scam.

It’s a cult reference

In 1978, there was a mass murder/suicide by members of a cult called the People’s Temple. It was led by a man named Jim Jones. On orders from Jones, over 900 people perished, either by being shot or by drinking a cyanide-laced drink. Although the actual drink was called Flavor Aid, Kool-Aid is the more popular drink of that kind and is usually the one people use when discussing cults.

So when someone on an A/Q site refers to someone “drinking the Kool-Aid,” they mean someone who has completely bought into the cult-like tactics.

Kool aid?

Every now and then, someone mentions kool aid, but I can’t figure out what it means?? I know that kool aid is bad for you because of the artificial colors and flavors and refined sugars, but is it similar to saying that said person must be smoking pot/doing crack??