We are survivors of long term indoctrination in an amo

A couple who are close friends of ours who were downline silvers in our amway distributorship at one point have now joined monavie. He knows that I am not interested at all but he seems well convinced of the wonderous properties of the acai berry juice. I have tried to encourage him to have nothing to do with it because of my belief now that all mlm’s are scams designed only to profit a few at the top. I have tried to encourage him to seek alternative suppliers of the product. I can’t find anything in Australia other than an acai berry juice at the health food stores here for about the same price as monavie. Does anyone here know of a similar product at comparable or preferably better pricing?

Even if your reference is in the U.S. I would appreciate it. I could then show him that much cheaper alternatives are available over there and of course it would then follow that the same thing will happen over here. My wife and I care deeply for this couple and I would really like to help him avoid getting deeper into this scam.