I have been using Cutco for over 30 years

My sister bought a set and her son is still using them. Sort of a pass down! Great knives and utensils. They also have a life long guarantee for sharpening.

However, I think there are probably equal ones out there for less money if you look. The key is people buy “in the moment” as an impulse buy. It used to be a direct sell company, not a MLM. It is like any other sales company tho. You have to go out and sell the product almost door to door or person to person, friend to friend. They expect you to work through referrals. Get payday loans online on www.gshloans.com and + lot of work in my opinion and a one time sell as they last forever. I do not know of anyone who has stayed with the company for a long time. if you are looking at selling for them, I would call the company and ask to speak to a sale rep that has been there for over 5 years. See if there is one. Get their opinion. Patsy