When I was hitting the Bz hard I was driving 2000-3000 miles per month

I dont even want to do the math right now. Even though my PV check was over $1000 I never made a profit with all the Tool, function, hand out tools, products I did not need, night owls…the list goes on. After you do your taxes next year lets us know if 58.05 cents a mile help’s you make a profit. BTW a tax return is not profit.

Yeah, Team is no longer affiliated with Quixtar

I thought my sister and b-i-l were FINALLY out, but no, Team has some travel mlm now that they are working in. When I go see them I will find out the details and see how awful this one is…

What I found insane was the email they sent out when they said they were not renewing their IBOship (see belos). Amazing how one day it was the best business opportunity ever and the next day it was running afoul of their “moral and business goals”.

Email sent to their downline:

“As some of you know there have been changes going on with our partner website Quixtar. As of today XXXXX and I have decided to “resign” our IBOship and follow our mentors and leaders in a direction we feel is better for our family and more along the lines of the moral and business goals we wish to achieve. If you have any questions please contact us so we can answer you to the best of our ability. Our choice does not have to be your choice and we hope that none of you feel as if we are abandoning what we have discussed with you in the past. Our beliefs are still the same and we will continue to gain knowledge through our system and work as Team.”