Interesting nutrition topic here today

I noticed that Noni juice was not listed either? I think that is also snake oil. Like I said before my mom and I owned a health food store/gourmet food store for upteen years. It’s okay if a certain country wants to market it’s juices as a cool new drink, but not as a cure all. Even Dr.’s can’t say that word. I can’t say this will cure you and I’m a certified nutritional consultant, nationally recognized. Be that as it may, blending in the non mlm juices listed on this site today, with a good diet is fine. Just don’t get ripped off for it. I think once the nation is fully up to speed on the health craze, alot of this snake oil stuff will be sniffed out. It’s already happened with some products to a degree and you all are apart of that:) It’s already starting to happen in the spa industry a little at a time. It is a pain that the government does regulate the massage industry so much so that I have to take 604 hrs to graduate when all you need to learn is one or two massage modalities like swedish or deep tissue and your done. However, the regulating attitude of the massage industry is trickling down into the massage products so I find that rather cool.