First of all, we’ve discussed MonaVie here before

so you may want to do a search of our (admittedly LARGE) archives and see what that reveals.

Secondly, Google is your friend. Go there and type in “MonaVie+scam” or “MonaVie+complaints,” and see what those results tell you.

And finally, for a more direct answer to your question, there are very few programs anywhere that charge a fee to purchase their products with such a limited product line. So the main question I have for you is: Why would you pay a fee to get this juice? Are you intending to BUY the juice or SELL it? If you only plan to buy it and consume it, then your friends should sell it to you AS A CUSTOMER – no fee for that.

If you plan to sell it, then BEFORE you do ANYTHING, do some research on other similar juices, sold at health and nutritional stores, that would be your competition. If you plan to sell it, then you intend to make a profit on it, and depending on the wholesale price and your ability to sell, prices and availability may make earning a profit on MonaVie out of reach for you.

The main thing, at least to me, is that you decided whether you are a CUSTOMER or a VENDOR. Many MLMs blur that distinction, and that can get you into financial trouble if you’re not looking out for it.