You caanot buy the juice in a store for less than what the company retails

It’s part of the agreement and if Monavie finds out they automatically pull your distributorship. I and my entire family drink this juice and I can personally tell you the benefits of the juice. I’m toally against MLM’s and agree with peoples complaints are but Monavie is about the juice, not building a business. If a case costs $180/month and you can pay $39 to get at wholesale prices of $153/month, and it’s a tax writeoff, why wouldn’t you drink the juice and share with your friends. Don’t vent for the sake of venting and some of the people on this chat need to get a life.
Nobody is debating that MLM’s are cults but more product is moved via these business than any store or market.

Another point:

If you’re thinking of selling it, note how you feel now. You’re not sure. This is a friend of yours and you’ve resisted him and he’s pushing you to sign up, yet you’re not eager to do so and you’re unsure of the drink so you’re asking people if it’s good or not.

When they start telling you that it sells itself, think about this. A good friend you trust has been pushing it on you and you don’t want it. Do you really think if you’re selling it that people you don’t know will be eager to buy it if you aren’t when a friend you trust is selling it?