Wow, sounds like someone is dilusional

The same juice by another brand is still the same juice. Ya know what??? Orange Juice is pretty good for you too. Oh and check out the produce section. There’s a ton of good stuff there… apples, bannanas, strawberries, grapes… all very yummy fruits that are good for you and not smashed into an overpriced juice.

Really love the juice? Well here ya go a bunch of other brands of the same stuff…

Well thats great that you and your whole family have fallen for the scam!

And you betray yourself “its a tax write off”? Only if you are prepared to show the IRS that you are trying to make a profit mon vieux.

You need to pull your head out of the cloud that these idiots have put you in and stop trying to persuade peopel that its “about the juice”.

If it was that good and that is what its about then the people who run the company would be ramming it out through Walmart and making their money that way – that they are not speaks volumes.

Please take your gullibility to some sort of Mona-vie convention where you can shout enthusiastically and tell everyone around you how well you are doing.


“Yo, Brutus, you just glad to see me or is that a knife under your toga?” Julius Caesar