I know people in MLMs say this is true

but nobody’s ever proven it yet and when you look at the small numbers in any MLM, or the big ones in QS, for example, and compare that to how many people go in and buy one single specific product in one day at Wal-Mart, it just doesn’t work.

Interesting how many people say “get a life” and every one of them who has ever said that spends more time on their MLM trying to get rich than we do in discussions. For starters, I have a life that includes a number of friends, regular exercise, time to rest and relax, my own business that is NOT an MLM but lets me replicate my efforts and I’ll be competing this summer in ballroom dance and have been asked to do a showcase dance for a special night at the dance studio this September.

Glad I wasn’t drinking my root beer when I read that!