The July/August 2015

issue of Health Magazine lists the Top Ten beverages, ranked by their levels of disease-fighting antioxidants, as tested by UCLA:

1. (best) Pomegranate juice
2. Red wine
3. Concord grape juice
4. Blueberry juice
5. Black Cherry Juice
6. Acai juice (this is what Mona Vie sells)
7. Cranberry juice
8. Orange juice
9. Tea
10. Apple juice

(Mangosteen juice [Xango] either wasn’t tested or didn’t rank in the top 10)

What products are you talking about

I can name three or four very large traditional retailers that sell more product than the top 3 mlm’s combined. I believe Wal-Mart is on track to do over 300 billion dollars this year. That seems like a whole pile more than the 6 or seven billion that Quixtar released for 2006. Allowing for 10% growth per year(and I believe that is being generous) that is nowhere near what Wal-Mart does in a month. Safeway is another huge retailer that did 11 billion in Canada alone. I will challenge that statement and ask for proof. Respectfully