I’m very sorry to hear about your Father

Mine died last January ( as in 2007) of leukemia and I know I was in shock and have hardly any memories of the first 6-8 months after his death other than knowing I was stunned and in pain.

And not to riff on you personally, but I’m not sure that its’ so unusual for knives to last that long, at least knives from that era. My Mother is still using many of the same knives she used when I was a kid and they’re in good shape (and I’m about to turn 46). I know they’re not Cutco, so I’m not so sure that this makes the knives that outstanding.

I’m more impressed with the ratchet multi-head screwdriver I bought on the way back from my honeymoon 23 years ago that still works perfectly.
It’s got moving parts and a screw on top and I find it more impressive something with moving parts can last half that long and still work as well as when it was new than I do that something that was bolted together stayed bolted together.

Just my .02 here –

my parents have a set of Cutco knives, that they bought as newlyweds. As this would’ve been their 45th wedding anniversary this year (daddy died in January of a brain tumor), I can say that their knives last a long, long time. For whatever it’s worth.
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