Hahaha! Cutco/Vector Marketing likes to target young college kids (don’t they all?!)

I used to see Vector posters plastered all over campus. My little brother did it for one summer. It’s not door-to-door marketing, as claimed, but it’s not much better: you start out presenting your wares to your friends and their families, and from them you get your leads. Though I must say, the kitchen knives are REALLY nice, we still have the $300 set that my mom bought from my brother. I chuckle to think of the poor kid, he was 17 back then. Oh, and 5 years later he managed to get himself ensnared in Q*star until I gave him Merchants of Deception and rescued him (my parents thank me every day for saving my brother from their evil clutches). So to answer your question, no, it’s not an MLM, last I checked. But whenever I see a Vector Mkting poster, I make a point to scrawl a warning over with a big fat Sharpie. Too bad we can’t do that for the Scamway ads, har har!

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